The Possibility of having to be Girly in Today’s Society

My name is Amanda and I am a twenty-two year old female.  Some of my guy friends say how I am like one of the guys, and sometimes I do not know if I should take that as a compliment or as an insult.  I thought in today’s society females would have the opportunity to express who they really are, rather than portraying themselves to be girly.

I understand that today we form ideas about how people are supposed to be, but I always feel like we are always trying to please other people and we are not pleasing ourselves.  I attempt to dress decent when I go out, but then at the same time I too think who am I really trying to impress? Impressing people today seems to be key for both genders.

My mother explains to be how I should be more proper and says that a guy looks for a girl, he does not want a girl that is going to be like him.  My mom brings up a good point but what I do not understand is why should a girl always have to please a guy and why can’t it be mutual.

I consider myself to be a feminist and I do admit I do like wearing pink and I love Hello Kitty, but the way society is has not changed.  It bothers me that in Cosmo they explain ways how a woman should please a man in bed and even in some articles how women should always be submissive in the bedroom, how girly can a female really be? It bothers be that people explain how others should be and there is nothing unique about an individual anymore.

I want whoever reads this their opinion is it alright to be girly (you can define it in your own way) or has society just determined the way that we have to be a girl?